We've put together
a stable full of
unicorns and we're willing to share a few with you.


Julie Stanford, Principal

Julie helps companies drive product innovation. As a Principal and Founder of Sliced Bread Design, Julie leads new business development and helps companies define a strategy to fulfill the vision for their product. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies and two-person startups in a wide variety of fields, including consumer electronics, social networking, search, travel, and finance. She has designed interfaces for everything from cell phones to touch screens, focusing on user research as the platform for insight.

Julie is also a lecturer at the Stanford University d.school where she teaches courses on Cross Cultural Design and Design Thinking for Innovation. Prior to founding Sliced Bread Design, Julie was a Senior Interaction Designer at Financial Engines. She is the author of several articles on design and one on seductive interfaces. She is an active member of the AIGA and the Interaction Design Association, and a frequent contributor to interaction design community discussions. Julie received from Stanford University a BS in Symbolic Systems and a MA in Communication, both with a specialization in Human Computer Interaction. Her favorite bread is a really good French baguette with lots of brie.

Ellen Siminoff, Principal

Ellen creates user-centered design strategies. As a Principal and Founder of Sliced Bread Design, Ellen manages company operations and spearheads project strategy and execution. Over the last twelve years, Ellen has worked with some of the biggest companies in the Bay Area and around the world,including Adobe, Hewlett Packard and Intuit. She has led design and research projects for everything from mobile technologies to voice interfaces to desktop and web applications.

Before founding Sliced Bread Design in 2001, Ellen was Product Design Lead at Financial Engines and a Member of the Research Staff at Interval Research Corporation. She has taught courses in Interaction Design at Stanford University, published design articles, and presented at international conferences. Ellen graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University with a BS in Symbolic Systems and an MS in Computer Science with a specialization in Human Computer Interaction. Her favorite bread is bread pudding.

Mia O'Neill, Managing Design Director

Mia helps clients design compelling, usable products. As Managing Design Director at Sliced Bread Design, Mia works closely with clients to understand their needs, develop design strategies, and create engaging experiences. She has brought her thorough and insightful style to an amazingly wide variety of design domains and platforms. Her work over the last ten years includes health care, smart grid, search, shopping, and real estate for web, mobile, desktop and touchscreen.

Before joining Sliced Bread Design, Mia was at Stanford University, where she graduated with honors and earned a BS in Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction. While at Stanford, she performed HCI-related research at the Stanford Cognitive Psychology Laboratory and completed an independent honors thesis on shared representations in collaborative problem solving. Mia is a fan of really fresh banana bread.

Jakub Skyba, Art Director

Jakub ensures that products have substance AND style. As the Art Director at Sliced Bread, Jakub crafts visual designs that capture the brand and entice the users for each product Sliced Bread Design delivers.

Jakub has been doing visual and graphic design for over 12 years, working with brands such as Williams-Sonoma, Magellan Navigation, Dockers, and Johnson & Johnson. Jakub has a BA in Communications with an emphasis in mass media and advertising from the University of California Santa Barbara. His favorite bread is focaccia.


Molly Wilson, UX Designer

Molly designs for real people. Her approach to designing human-centered products merges deep empathy, big-picture creativity, and near-obsessive attention to detail. She dives into new subject areas, slings Post-Its, sketches solutions, and tweaks prototypes, working with a variety of clients across sectors.

Before joining Sliced Bread, Molly was a full-time fellow at the Stanford d.school, where she led creativity and design classes for graduate students. She also has taught workshops on design thinking, creativity, and innovation at the Australian Academy of Design, the University of Mannheim Business School, and the University of Nairobi, as well as many corporate, educational, and nonprofit groups such as the Smithsonian Institution, Atlassian Software, and Teach For America. Molly holds a BA in History of Science from Harvard University and a MA in Learning, Design, and Technology from Stanford University. Her favorite kind of bread is English muffins.

Jenny Oja Mailhot, Design Director

Jenny works directly with clients to design products that people love. As Design Director at Sliced Bread Design, Jenny spends her time interfacing closely with clients and their customers, making sure that every design is outstanding. For more than ten years, Jenny has been designing consumer products and websites, conducting user experience research, and managing teams of world class designers to create products that people crave.

Prior to joining Sliced Bread Design, Jenny was Design Manager for the Adobe Creative Suite products. She holds a BS in Computer Science with a focus on Interaction Design from Stanford University. She has received design patents and presented at conferences on best practices in experience design. Her favorite bread is Rye bread.

Kim Ladin, Senior UX Designer

Kim designs products that make sense. In the past 15 years, Kim has designed everything from large financial portals to tiny mobile applications, all with a commitment to creating user experiences that are delightful and easy to use. A remarkably quick study, Kim loves to learn about new subject areas and translate her knowledge into clear, usable interfaces and information environments. Her client work has included numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Charles Schwab, Sun, Cisco, and Hewlett Packard.

Prior to working with Sliced Bread, Kim was the Director of User Experience at Hot Studio in San Francisco, where she developed and evangelized a strong user-centered design discipline. She has presented at design conferences, taught classes, and contributed to books on web development. Kim graduated Magna Cum Laude in economics and social science at Harvard University. Her favorite bread is the one she’s baking right now.

Nikki Butts, Project Manager

As Project Manager, Nikki makes every project at Sliced Bread Design run smoothly. She applies her strong background in statistical analysis to allocate resources and identify key characteristics that determine the work-effort needed to deliver each project on time and within budget. Her innovative approach to project management uses real data to ensure that every project has a good plan in place before it even starts. Nikki also handles client accounting.

Before joining Sliced Bread Design, Nikki worked for a variety of strategy, marketing, and branding consulting firms and agencies. Nikki has led research that helps clients set and achieve business priorities, launch new products, build strategic advantages, and focus corporate re-branding efforts. She has provided research and brand insight for OfficeMax, Monster.com, as well as some of the country’s largest and most prominent newspapers and online media companies. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in Psychology with a minor in Jewish Studies from Scripps College. Her favorite bread is a New York-style bagel with all the fixin's.