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Launched: Quicken Picks

Our redesign of the Quicken Picks website has just launched!

New home page

Key features of our redesign effort:

  • Three step home page for first time users: First time user experience clearly explains the benefits of cash back
  • Deal badges: Deals are now presented in a consistent, streamlined manner
  • Clean information architecture:  Flattened navigation to present primary store categories on the home page.
  • Simple deal flow: Users can now get from the a deal on Quicken Picks to the target site in one click

Here’s our three step design on the home page (it follows a design pattern we’ve blogged about before):


Before our redesign

Here are some screenshots of the site before our redesign to give you a sense of the impact of our work. It’s a bit green and gunky to say the least:

Home page – Logged in


Home page – First time visitor


Check out the redesign yourself at the

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  1. First off, awesome blog! I haven’t seen it yet, and I’m glad you pinged the IxDA list or I wouldn’t have seen it. I’ll be watching. =)

    Next, that 3-step process with sign up form at the end is ingenious! Way to go! I’ve never seen it so simply put before. Thanks for sharing.


    Jason R.

    posted by Jason Robb at 8:32 pm on 05.22.09

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