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WANTED: The Best Sr. UX Designer Since Sliced Bread

| 10.31.2012

Sliced Bread Design is currently looking to hire a Senior UX Designer who is the best thing since… well, you get it. If you’ve been looking for design talent recently, then you probably know it’s a competitive UX jungle out there.

So, we’ve found ourselves asking, “How can we attract the right UX talent for our unique agency in this competitive landscape?” When it comes to hiring, we know it’s not just about finding someone with a solid set of design chops. It’s also about finding the person who will be a great fit for our amazing team.

As often happens, we came across a bit of inspiration in a surprising spot: a fast food restaurant. While waiting in line at Chipotle, our favorite Mexican grill, their job flyer for a Student Brand Manager caught our eye.

Chipotle Poster

This flyer, with its humorous language, kitschy “Chipotle on campus” crest, and appealing layout, fits in at Chipotle. Chipotle’s distinct branding, their “food with integrity” motto, and their great staff (in our experience) makes them stand out from other fast-casual restaurants, so why would their job posters look like anyone else’s? We weren’t surprised to see that they’d done something original and creative here.

Full of barbacoa burrito with guac on the side, and struck with creative inspiration, we decided to craft our own job flyer. After all, we’re not like any other design agency either. Let’s hope this helps snag us the right person for the job!

Wanted Senior UX Designer

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