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Looxcie Launches!

| 09.15.2010

Looxcie has just launched their wearable camcorder and the associated mobile app that we designed! Looxcie is basically a camcorder that you wear on your ear which pairs with your smartphone so that you can use it as the viewfinder and to review, create, and share clips.  If you see something interesting, you can hit the “instant clip” button on the headset which will save the last 30 seconds of video and package it into a video file which can be shared via Bluetooth to the companion mobile app. THERE’S MORE…

Launch: WeatherBill

| 09.15.2010

WeatherBill has just launched our new site design targeted at farmers and insurance agents. Following several rounds of rapid iterative design and Fast Insight user testing, we developed a user experience that educated customers about the unique process for purchasing WeatherBill’s insurance, provided insight into their current risk, and offered a simple yet powerful information architecture.  Here’s what Greg Smirin, WeatherBill’s Vice President of Marketing and Product, had to say about our work:

 “SlicedBread was a dream to work with. They’re smart, creative and took the time to understand what our users really wanted – and needed. The whole WeatherBill team can’t wait to work with them on the next project.”

A few of our favorite features

Doormat drop down menu for WeatherBill products:

Clear infographics that communicate a farmer’s current risk:

Beautiful visual design:

To check out the site for yourself, visit

Launch: Intuit Trends Redesign

| 02.25.2010

We’re excited to share that our redesign of the Intuit Trends application has just launched!


Intuit Trends is a free online application that lets small businesses compare how they are doing financially (such as income, expenses, profits, etc.) with other businesses that are similar to them.

We talked with small business owners to find out what they most wanted to understand about how their businesses compared to their peers/competitors, and then introduced some big improvements to the previous design. This release delivers the first preliminary round of changes, and there are many more to come.

Key features of our redesign effort included in this preliminary release are:

  • Introduced a new, personalized Scorecard
    • Before the redesign, the Trends application only offered small businesses the ability to view general trends about how their peers and competitors were doing. Now, small business owners can also see how their own company compares to their peers along three key business metrics and receive individual and overall scores.


  • Provided a simple bar chart and scoring solution
    • Now that the site was going to show comparisons between a specific business and its peers, we needed a compelling way to present this information. To get started, we explored a variety of different design options for how best to show comparison data. Next, we usability tested our ideas and moved forward with the design that users liked best. Our final solution combined a simple bar chart with a visual quartile score, in a format that was easy for scanning.


  • Created a clean, fresh, and consistent visual design
    • We all know that it is important for information on a site to not only be useful, but to also be presented in a clear, visually appealing way. To help the Trends site appeal to its audience and convey the desired tone, we created a modern, clean look and feel for the site that also followed Intuit’s brand guidelines. We also introduced a consistent color scheme to use for “Me” and “Peers” across the site to help users differentiate between the two types of data.


You can check out our redesign for yourself at:
We’d love to hear what you think!

Launched: Intuit Health Benefits Shopping

| 07.17.2009

Intuit Health Benefits Center

The new shopping area of the Intuit Health Benefits Center has just launched! We’ve been working very closely with Intuit on the design of this new venture for months and are proud to be a part of making healthcare insurance more accessible to small businesses.

Launched: Quicken Picks

| 05.20.2009

Our redesign of the Quicken Picks website has just launched!

New home page

Key features of our redesign effort:

  • Three step home page for first time users: First time user experience clearly explains the benefits of cash back
  • Deal badges: Deals are now presented in a consistent, streamlined manner
  • Clean information architecture:  Flattened navigation to present primary store categories on the home page.
  • Simple deal flow: Users can now get from the a deal on Quicken Picks to the target site in one click

Here’s our three step design on the home page (it follows a design pattern we’ve blogged about before):


Before our redesign

Here are some screenshots of the site before our redesign to give you a sense of the impact of our work. It’s a bit green and gunky to say the least:

Home page – Logged in


Home page – First time visitor


Check out the redesign yourself at the

New projects: Yummly & iConstituent

| 03.10.2009

Economy be damned, we’ve just started working with 2 new clients in really interesting spaces.


Yummly is a start up looking at the intersection of food and the internet.  They’re in stealth mode so that’s all we can say for now, but we’ll keep you posted.


iConstituent is a more established company that provides email communication solutions to congresspeople. We’re working with them on a visual refresh followed by a more comprehensive user experience redesign.

We’ll post pictures of our latest work as soon as we can!


Launched: Intuit Health Benefits Center

| 01.22.2009

After a few months of working with Sliced Bread to develop the concept, Intuit has just launched the initial version of  its health benefits center. This new experience is designed to help small businesses in California learn about choosing the right health insurance plan for their company.  Sliced Bread Design did all of the interaction and visual design for this Adobe Flex site. Intuit did the implementation.


In addition to learning about the different health insurance options, the site also presents the results of a survey Intuit has been conducting of what health benefits small businesses offer their employees.  Finally there is a place on the web where you can go to see what employers like you are doing for their employees — a feature we think is pretty neat.


Needless to say we have worked hard with Intuit on the information design for this site to make complex insurance verbiage more transparent. We are very excited about how it has turned out and are even more excited about what is in the works for the future so keep checking back to watch it grow.


You can also join the feedback group (link at the top of the site) if you want to be in the group of customers we’re working with to make sure that we create a site that really works for users.