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Creating a frictionless truck stop shop

ABC came to us with a novel concept for a pick-n-go truck stop: truckers can swoop in, grab a snack, and hit the road. It was a next level vision where people would be charged for purchases at a store without having to stop and pay. Rising to the challenge, Sliced Bread got serious about long-haul trucker shopping experiences and gathered intelligence on this futuristic concept.

To get some real-life intel, we had truck drivers create video diaries while they traveled. Then we interviewed them to discuss their diaries and followed up with a quantitative survey of a larger group of drivers and frequent road trippers.

1. Diary study

Show us how you shop.

To cut through the (road) noise, we handpicked 10 long-haul truckers for the diary study. Armed with their smartphones, they recorded on-the-go videos of their shopping experiences at truck stops and filled out quick surveys. We were nosy – we wanted to know what they did, what they purchased, how satisfying the experience was, and, most importantly, what were the delightful and not-so-delightful moments. 

These videos and answers drove our follow-up interviews and sparked engaging conversations.

2. Needfinding and quantitative study

Tell us about life on the road.

We sat down for heart-to-heart interviews with the truckers, eager to learn more about life on the road, in a rig. Comfort and delight on the road emerged as key decision drivers -- far from home and in a rush, when a trucker came across a yummy and surprising store experience, it tripled the impact. 

To gather even more insights, we pounded the pavement and conducted over 450 quantitative surveys with truckers and avid road trippers. We took a close look at their on-the-road shopping behaviors and presented these meticulously analyzed findings in our research.

3. Concept feedback

Is this as exciting as we think it is?

During the interviews, we gave truckers a sneak peak at concept sketches for the shopping experience. Wow, they were thrilled! Many truckers were already familiar with in-store technology like self-checkouts and the potential to one up that by zooming in and out of a store resonated with them. And, importantly, everyone was delighted to realize that this technology could free up clerks to focus on the “comfort and delight” components we gleaned from our research.

4. Brainstorming

It's good. How can we make it great?

Based on our research results, Sliced Bread facilitated brainstorming that sparked a whirlwind of ideas. Individuals and groups let loose, generating inspired suggestions and sketching out prototypes. We gathered all the ideas and narrowed them to the most popular and promising concepts. 

The Results

As a result of our collaboration, ABC's putting pedal to the metal on the pick-n-go concept. The frictionless shopping experience is evolving to make truckers' lives on the road smoother and more enjoyable. From concept to reality, pick-n-go is just around the bend, and we're excited to be part of this adventure.

The Results