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by: Julie Stanford on May 20, 2009

Our redesign of the Quicken Picks website has just launched!

New home page

Key features of our redesign effort:

  • Three step home page for first time users: First time user experience clearly explains the benefits of cash back
  • Deal badges: Deals are now presented in a consistent, streamlined manner
  • Clean information architecture:  Flattened navigation to present primary store categories on the home page.
  • Simple deal flow: Users can now get from the a deal on Quicken Picks to the target site in one click

Here's our three step design on the home page (it follows a design pattern we've blogged about before):



Before our redesign

Here are some screenshots of the site before our redesign to give you a sense of the impact of our work. It's a bit green and gunky to say the least:
Home page - Logged in



Home page - First time visitor



Check out the redesign yourself at the