All Posts Looxcie Launches!

by: Julie Stanford on Sep 15, 2010

Looxcie has just launched their wearable camcorder and the associated mobile app that we designed! Looxcie is basically a camcorder that you wear on your ear which pairs with your smartphone so that you can use it as the viewfinder and to review, create, and share clips.  If you see something interesting, you can hit the “instant clip” button on the headset which will save the last 30 seconds of video and package it into a video file which can be shared via Bluetooth to the companion mobile app.

Android app out today, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia coming soon...



The Android version of the mobile app is out today. Our designs for iPhone, all the various Blackberries, and Nokia are launching shortly.  You can buy Looxcie on Amazon for $199. What I LOVE about Looxcie is the instant clip feature I alluded to earlier. Nobody wants to spend hours looking through their video to identify when something interested happened. Instead, you can create 30 second clips from interesting moments when they happen with one touch and then if you want to, go back later to edit together longer segments, extend 30 second clips, etc... It's the perfect tool for me as a mom and me as a user researcher trying to capture what a subject is saying but without a good way (before Looxcie) to mark the "good parts" in the midst of videoing. I think this is the killer app for video. Looxcie is getting some great press in the few hours since the launch. Check out this article on Fast Company calling it the Tivo for Life or learn more about the product at