Finding the User Testing Sweet Spot

| 04.10.2014

When you’re testing your products with real people, you want them to be relaxed – but you don’t have time for chit-chat. Here’s how we keep user interviews fast, friendly, and focused.

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Our New Managing Design Director Might Look Familiar To You

| 02.27.2014

Sliced Bread Design is delighted to announce the promotion of Mia O’Neill to Managing Design Director. Mia previously served as Design Director.

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Passwords are Broken. What’s Next?

| 02.20.2014

Authentication doesn’t have to be where design goes to die. Here’s a look at 3 emerging sign-in patterns that offer a better user experience – if they’re used right.

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How Apple Broke Call Waiting in iOS 7

| 02.5.2014

Apple’s iOS 7 is packed with UI changes. Some of these “improvements” are great, but one of them nearly gave me a panic attack on the road.

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Be Experiment Smart

| 01.30.2014

Experimentation is having a moment: everyone in our industry is talking about experimenting, iterating, and being “lean.” I’m all about experimentation, but not every experiment is right for every situation. How you choose to experiment is as important as the fact that you’re doing it.

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Forgot Your Password?

| 01.16.2014

Nobody’s good at remembering arbitrary strings of characters out of context. So why do we keep asking people to do the impossible – and then wringing our hands when they don’t? Here are some practical hints for making password authentication less painful for users. (Next up: a designer’s eye view of some emerging authentication systems.)

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Saying Goodbye to Carrie

| 01.6.2014

It is with great sadness that we share that our Project Manager of many years, Carrie Silver, has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Carrie began working at Sliced Bread eight years ago and brought an incredible joy, energy, and commitment to every project that she tackled. You may have interacted with her […]

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Cellscope has developed a an otoscope attachment to your cell phone to inspect ear infections remotely.
Healthbeat 2013: IT + UX = :-)

| 09.24.2013

When you hear the terms big data and technology the first thing that comes to mind isn’t necessarily bedside manner, but attending HealthBeat 2013 back in May opened my eyes to the numbers of problems facing the healthcare industry, the unique opportunity for new advances in IT and Big Data to solve a LOT of them,  and the […]

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Chipotle Poster
WANTED: The Best Sr. UX Designer Since Sliced Bread

| 10.31.2012

Sliced Bread Design is currently looking to hire a Senior UX Designer who is the best thing since… well, you get it. If you’ve been looking for design talent recently, then you probably know it’s a competitive UX jungle out there. So, we’ve found ourselves asking, “How can we attract the right UX talent for […]

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Check out our iPad article in Smashing Magazine

| 01.31.2012

  Today Smashing Magazine published our article, Ten Things To Think About When Designing Your iPad App. Mosey on over to Smashing to check it out — we’re pretty proud.

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